My Embellishing Wax Has Shrunk

When opening a tin of our Embellishing Waxes, you may find that the product appears to have ‘shrunk’ in the container. This occurs as the solvent starts to evaporate. A cold environment can also cause this to happen. The tin in the photos was produced in May 2021 and has shrunk before it was returned […]

Can Your Products be Used Over Dyes and Stains

Yes. All of our products can be used over dyes and stains from a variety of manufacturers. It is important to note that our wipe-on cellulose sealer may remove a little surface colour of some applied dyes or stains, but not (in our opinion) to the detriment of the final appearance. As it is not […]

How can I translate your site?

To change the site language, use the dropdown menu in the top left of the screen to change the site language. All the videos on the site are available with subtitles in English, Danish, German, French, Swedish and Norwegian.

Why am I getting streaks in my wax/sanding sealer?

Most of the time, this will occur when too much of the product is applied in one coat, or too much pressure is used when polishing it off. Waxes: Use less than you think you may need and remember that when polishing it after application, you do not need a lot of pressure – You […]

What are ‘Normal’ Conditions?

On many product labels and in particular the application instructions or product information, you will see the words ‘Under normal conditions’ or something similar. This refers to your local atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity. Higher or lower than average temperature or humidity may change the products performance as far as for example, drying […]

How Do I Use the White Colour?

The white shade doesn’t really colour wood white. It’s more of a ‘wash’ colour than a dye in that sense. Mostly, it is used to turn the rest of the colours in the collection into pastel shades to give you even more creative options when using them

How Can I Lighten the Shade of the Intrinsic Colours

The easiest way to lighten the colours is to pour a little of the colour straight from the bottle into a small cup (think ‘shot glass’ here) and then add a few drops of water to thin the colour. Test this ‘new’ shade and add more water if desired.

Can I Wash My Hampshire Sheen Finished Items?

This is a good question, and the short answer is: NO! Any wax finished product (from whatever manufacturer) should be protected from contact with water. This is because waxes are not waterproof. They may be water resistant for a few seconds, but it is always best to avoid water contact completely. You have a little […]