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The Carnival Colours will be available in 125ml bottles, and are scheduled for a full-on release towards the end of July, and will be available in advance for pre-orders when we finalise the label design.

As you know, our colours last for a long time. The Intrinsic Colours Collection is going through a change this summer by losing some weight down to 125ml instead of 250ml to match the Carnival colours.

Whilst costs continue to rise for raw materials, we have worked very hard to keep prices as low as possible for you. The smaller bottle sizes will still last ages, save some space on your workshop shelves, and the new price will be more comfortable on the pocket!
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Our Free Finishing Academy is the ultimate resource for woodturners who want to be fanatical about their finishing results.

With over 3 hours of informative video tutorials, plus plenty of useful hints and tips, you will learn the best techniques for achieving the perfect finish.

You’ll learn the tips and tricks of the trade from an expert and make the most of your time at the lathe.

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Our Reimagined Vinyl Stencils are Here

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    Amazing Bright New Colours Coming in July ’23

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  • Finishing Academy Now Available

    Finishing Academy Now Available

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