Highest Quality, Hard Wearing Waxes for an Unmatched Finish

The final finish you put on your work is what will be seen every day for a very long time, so why rush it? A perfect finish takes as much craftsmanship as turning the work in the first place. Finishing is something to get fanatical about. Don’t ever settle for 2nd best.

Hampshire Sheen gives you a truly lasting finish that will add a stunning, protective coating to your work that is strong, fingerprint and water resistant. It is stronger than the other paste waxes on the market. Hampshire Sheen will keep your work looking its best. You will find you need less of it than other waxes to get your desired finish.

And yes, when you read that it is hand made, it really is. Every single pot available is measured, blended and poured by hand. Even the labels on the handy 130g stout tins are applied by hand. It is a handmade finish for your hand made work.

Be proud of your finishing. Use the best and get fanatical about it.

Proj11_img00000016Hampshire Sheen developer Martin is fanatical about his finishing and created the Hampshire Sheen range of waxes to satisfy his need for a wax that gave him the finish he wanted as the waxes available at the time dulled quickly, and that was unacceptable.

Months of trial and error lead to the creation of Hampshire Sheen Original which received tremendous reviews and praise from the very first turners to try it in the UK. That was in 2015. And then came the High Gloss version of the product and a raft of other high performing waxes.

In 2018, Hampshire Sheen will be donating 15p from every UK made tin of High Gloss and Original Lustre wax sold to The Woodland Trust.  By promoting their superb work, I can make sure Hampshire Sheen and it’s customers are doing something to protect the beauty, history and wildlife of the UK’s threatened ancient woodlands. Click here for more details.

In 2017, and tired of the same shades of colours being available, Hampshire Sheen developer Martin Saban-Smith introduced the Intrinsic Colour Collection to the range of products.

It’s a range of 11 (soon to be 12) unique shades that add atmosphere and mood to worked wood. Currently available as a water based dye, the colours are gaining popularity with visionary turners who are also not satisfied with the limited colours available.

Now, Hampshire Sheen has a range of specially developed finishes, creative waxes and colours for you, that then when used together will give you a sublime and a longer lasting finish than from other companies.

Despite the range being so popular, every tin in the UK and Europe is made, labelled and shipping by Martin’s own hand from the workshop in the village of Four Marks in Hampshire. He bottles the colours and oils, too!   The range is available from a growing collection of UK retailers and is made in the USA, Canada and Australia under license to Hampshire Sheen UK.