WT360 Challenges

  • Fred’s Corset!

    Fred’s Corset!

    Naturally cracked willow… Hampshire Sheen finishes, tied with copper wire and holes highlighted using brass eyelets. The rose is Rosa ‘Freddie Mercury’

  • Beaded bowl

    Beaded bowl

    A sycamore bowl with carnival colours, lacing and beads.

  • All Zipped Up

    All Zipped Up

    Hand on heart, I’m not a fan of “stitched” bowls and vases. I do appreciate the artistry involved but its just not my thing. Anyhow, in support of the club challenge for August, I picked…

  • Twisty Turny Wibbly Wobbly Shiny Sparkly

    Twisty Turny Wibbly Wobbly Shiny Sparkly

    Sycamore, turned then spiral carved. Hollowed inside to allow weights to help keep upright for “wobbling” finished with intrinsic colour and Chameleon flakes.

  • Wibley wobbly box

    Wibley wobbly box

    Made from Beech with a rounded bottom.

  • The Euchre Cup

    The Euchre Cup

    Black cherry

  • Twisty Wobbly Mushroom

    Twisty Wobbly Mushroom

    A cracked Willow log. The mushroom cap sits spins and wobbles on the stem. The crack and inside the cap is coloured using HS intrinsic colours.

  • Saturn


    This is for Wibbly wobbly

  • A small oak pot.

    A small oak pot.

    An experimental pot piece turned on the lathe with a form of “weave” pattern.

  • Twisty Obelisk

    Twisty Obelisk

    A twisted Ash stem finished in ebonising laquer with Hampshire sheen gold embeleshing wax. The globe is hollowed sycamore again finished with ebonising laquer with Jo Sonya acrylic paint and polished with Hampshire Sheen high…

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