WT360 Challenges

  • Inspired by Richard Raffen

    Inspired by Richard Raffen

  • Gerard Dubois’ Boxes

    Gerard Dubois’ Boxes

    I did not have metal on hand so painted them with different metal paint …from left to right-ash ..burned and finished with HS gold embellishing wax ..finial inka gold quick drying paint-ash ..finished with HS…

  • Boxes by Keith

    Boxes by Keith

  • Collage Of Boxes

    Collage Of Boxes

  • Clam Boxes

    Clam Boxes

  • Salt Well

    Salt Well

    I saw one of these in a gift shop while on vacation.It is made from Spalted Maple and Walnut which was very easy to turn. Spoon carved using spindle sander and rotary carver.What products did…

  • Walnut Box

    Walnut Box

    Where did the inspiration come from? The piece of wood itself and the subject of the challengeWhat timber is it? Walnut (crotch)felling in 2021What was it like to turn? A pleasureWhat products did you use?…

  • Two by Max

    Two by Max

  • Boxes by Penny

    Boxes by Penny

  • Ligia’s Boxes

    Ligia’s Boxes

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