(REPLAY) Woodturning a Pepper Mill From Start to Finish

In this evening demonstration from 24th March 2020, we looked at a turning a sycamore Pepper Mill using one of the popular CrushGrind mechanisms from Denmark. Both the video and description are direct from YouTube and unedited. Enjoy!

Mills are a lot of fun to turn, and present more of a challenge than the finished item leads the owner to believe. This particular (different to the ‘normal’) method utilises a wide 30mm shaft (5mm wider than usual) to allow for more pepper, salt or spices to be loaded into the mill.

This method also features excellent wood-grain alignment as it uses a single tenon rather than the usual three. There are also a few other design tweaks to make these mills even more sleek.

Please note that whilst I am concentrating on turning the project, I may miss questions and queries, so please hold off these until I ask for questions – that way I will be able to answer as many as possible.

Whilst the demo is completely free to watch, please consider using the Super Chat feature to contribute to the costs of the evening. Thank you. To find you nearest Hampshire Sheen supplier, please visit www.hampshiresheen.com/buy.

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