Updated Website Goes Live

Happy New Year, 2023! We hope you enjoyed some time off over the festive season.

Our new website is now live with phase one of new and updated content for you to learn from and enjoy. Here are some bullet points of what is already available:

  • Every product from our range has its own page complete with more information than before linked to from a single grid on the home page;
  • The main range of finishes, oils, sealers and lacquers each have a Two Minute Tutorial on their page. The embellishing waxes currently each share the same page.
  • The videos have English, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Italian and Norwegian subtitles.
  • HD Video content scales to different screen sizes – easy to watch on mobile devices.
  • Watch the videos either full-screen or in a pop-out player to watch whilst browsing the rest of the site/
  • No Adverts! Unlike the Two Minute Tutorials on YouTube or Facebook, the ones on the site do not include any advertising.
  • All the written site content can be translated by clicking the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen.
  • Updated FAQ section.

And we still have all this to come in Phase Two:

If you attended one of our Excellence in Finishing Courses in 2020, 2021 or 2022, this takes a big step further. We are taking that idea and putting together the Hampshire Sheen Academy – An online course with in-depth lessons on the use of each of our products, together with professional finishing hints and tips.

The filming and uploading of the lessons will begin very soon, and more information will be sent out when the first few lessons are available.

And it will be completely free to enroll in. 🙂

Overview Videos of the Intrinsic Colours: Each product in the Intrinsic Colour Collection range will have its own short overview video.

New Stencil Range: This is in the very early stages, but we will restart the design and production of a neat range of vinyl stencils. Again, more on this when things start moving!

Most of this should be finished by the end of February or maybe March! We are working very hard to make the new content as good and worthwhile as possible.

We’ll keep you posted!

Axminster Tools and Machinery

I am embarking on another ‘world tour’ of Axminster stores starting this month. You can find out more HERE. At each store, several items will be turned and finished with at least one of the products in the range. There will also be at least one that uses the new spray products.

As you can see, we have hit the ground running in 2023, and we can’t wait to share it with you throughout the year! 

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