(REPLAY) Turning a Pedestal Bowl and Coffee Grinder

In this day long demo from 28th March 2020, I turned a pedestal bowl and a coffee grinder using one of the superb CrushGrind mechanisms as seen in my YouTube video from 2019. The video and description are edited from YouTube.

In Saturday’s day long demo, I’ll be turning a pedestal bowl which is a great project to undertake for all turners and will be a handsome addition to any table or sideboard. I’m not sure if it will be a ’round’ pedestal bowl, or one from a piece of Australian mallee burr. We’ll see.

After a break, we’ll take a look at turning a coffee grinder using one of the superb CrushGrind mechanisms as seen in my YouTube video about 5 months ago. These hand made grinders make superb gifts or even to use in your own home. As seen on Tuesday evening’s demonstration (and depending on available time) there will be a phone in competition to win the coffee grinder from the second half of the day.

It was a bit of fun on Tuesday night and I have a fairer way of doing it now . . . so make sure you’re tuned in early to find out how to win! You can download the instructions for the coffee grinder part of the demo from my website at https://www.msabansmith.com.88-208-198-193.plesk.page/shop/coffee/ and you can also order a complete kit (if you are in the UK) from the same page.

This kit represents a good saving on buying the parts on their own! Please note that whilst I am concentrating on turning the project, I may miss questions and queries, so please hold off these until I ask for questions – that way I will be able to answer as many as possible. Whilst the demo is completely free to watch, please consider using the Super Chat feature to contribute to the costs of the evening. Thank you.

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2 responses to “(REPLAY) Turning a Pedestal Bowl and Coffee Grinder”

  1. Jorgen Christensen avatar

    Hello Martin
    I really enjoy the videos you create, can’t wait for the next one 😉
    Is it still possible to get the instructions for the coffee mill?
    Kind regards // Jørgen // Oldenburg Woodturning

  2. Trevor McCarthy-White avatar

    Hi Martin,
    Do you know if it is still possible to buy the Crush Grind Coffee mechanisms . . . I have one with a handle but can’t find anywhere to buy more now. Record Power used champion these but this mechanism shows as discontinued now.

    Crushgrind themselves seam to offer a different mech for coffee but can’t find a UK supplier of these. Any ideas or even a recommended alternative. I really hate the traditional grinders with all that metal work.


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