The Tools I Use E4: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

For this episode of ‘The Tools I Use and Why I Use Them’, we take at look at the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) I use when turning. In particular, we look at impact protection for eyes (face shield and safety glasses) and face and lung protection, too (respirator and dust mask).

You will notice that the faceshield in the background with the yellow headpiece is not mentioned. I removed this from the video as personally, I do not recommend them. The visor over the face is not very stiff. Although being inexpensive, a little more investment can afford you the Honeywell with the stiff frame round the visor.

The PPE I use in the workshop is my choice, and it is your choice in your workshop, too. I recommend using the best kit you can afford ensuring that it has an impact resistance rating and that you use the most appropriate kit for what you are turning to give you the best protection. The kit shown in this video may not be suitable for you and you are advised to research PPE for yourself before making a purchase.

Important: This series of videos is neither sponsored nor endorsed by any of the manufacturers mentioned and the tools and equipment I present here have been purchased. Links may be provided to where you can purchase these items if you wish to.

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