The Making of a Sycamore Bowl Video

Back on 25th June 2022, I live streamed the turning of a bowl and base with the aim of showing viewers what goes into the filming of a YouTube video. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see the final edit.

The filming went generally as expected – it took longer than anticipated by a couple of hours this time round. I’m certainly out of practise – and it showed in the footage.

Starting at 10am, the aim was to turn the relatively simple project and record the process, editing on the fly as I have been doing for a couple of years now. This time though, the process was to be streamed live for viewers on YouTube and Facebook.

Here’s the live stream video

And here are some photos.

There was a section when my microphone battery died, and I am very grateful to Paul Kavanagh for phoning the shop to let me know – he saved that portion of the video and potentially blowing the whole thing!

For editing, I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC which is an industry standard editing software. I could probably get away with using something else, but seeing as I use other Adobe products.

It looks complicated, but after editing a couple of videos, it is fairly easy to find what you need.

Music in my videos is important to me. It adds to the ‘infotainment’ style of the videos I produce. A great deal of time is taken during the editing process to find tracks I like from the Epidemic Sound library I subscribe to. The tracks are then put into the video and footage largely edited to fit the music.

Overall, from five and a half hours of recorded footage, this video took somewhere around 4-6 hours (I didn’t time it!) to edit in the version you can see below.

The general YouTube audience only watches around a maximum of 20 minutes of finished videos. As such, there is a lot from the stream that is missing from the edit which is unavoidable if I am hopeful of as many people watching the final cut as possible.

If you tuned into the live stream, thank you very much for your time and I hope you enjoy the final version.

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