Whilst this isn’t my finest work ever, this snowman pepper mill was a lot of fun to turn and will make a funky addition to any table this festive season. Give its hat a twist and the pepper is ground out the er….bottom! Suitable for those with a sense of humour! Read on to download the project guide, complete with screenshots from the accompanying video.

Who doesn’t love a snowman? This one is a funky pepper grinder and a quirky addition to a festive dinner table. Give its hat a twist and the pepper is ground out the er….bottom. Good for people with a sense of humour, and the 11 page guide is free to download until 31st December 2018.

There is an accompanying video available on my YouTube channel, too. Watch it by clicking here, or watch it below.

These mills are a lot of fun to turn, and present more of a challenge than the finished item leads the owner to believe. This particular method utilises a wide 30mm shaft (5mm wider than usual) to allow for more pepper, salt or spices to be loaded into the mill.

These instructions use the 195mm CrushGrind® mechanism as a base for the project. Using them, you can work out how to turn the other sizes in the range, and customise sizes to suit your own designs. The mechanisms are available from lots of places. The best way to find them is to do a Google search for them or ask your local woodturning supplier.

Kit Required:
Aside from a lathe, chuck and set of wood turning tools, you will also need the following equipment to complete the project:

  • 1x spindle blank approx 76 x 76 x 170mm and 1x ‘hat blank’ 76 x 76 x 75mm;
  • 1x piece of scrap wood for jamb chuck;
  • 1x CrushGrind® Mechanism (195mm for this project);
  • 1x WoodCut® Tools Mill Drill (or 38mm and 45mm Forstner Bits);
  • 1x Jacobs Chuck;
  • 1x 30mm Forstner Bit;
  • 1x 22mm Forstner Bit;
  • 1x 13mm Wood Drill Bit;
  • 1x Recess cutting tool;
  • 1x Set of soft jaws for your chuck and 1x Set of 2” Chuck jaws;
  • Abrasives and finishes of your choice.
  • Hacksaw (not pictured)

As with all wood turning projects, there are countless creative ways to make your mill as unique as you are. Colouring, texturing, laminating, segmenting, different shapes, contrasting woods, the list and possibilities are all waiting for you to try out on your mills.
It is assumed that you already have a reasonable knowledge and skill level of wood turning and drilling on your lathe. If you are at all unsure of this project or your ability, do not attempt it.

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