You may have noticed, but we use social media quite a lot, and love seeing your work on Facebook and Instagram.

To help us find work finished with our products, we follow a few hashtags in our social media manager.




When posting on Instagram, use one of the hashtags above appropriate to which of our products you have used, and we will quickly see it. Learn more about the #fanaticalaboutfinishing tag below . . .

We Repost Content!

We often share pictures that use these hashtags with our followers on both Facebook and Instagram. We will always use the original post as the main content, add our comments, and ensure we tag you so that you can see it. You may even pick up some more followers!

Your posts can help inspire others with your creativity and how you use our products. Also, when we repost, it helps us and you reach more people, gain followers and spread the love of Hampshire Sheen products!


We keep a note of those people who regularly tag us and those finished items we fall in love with.

A few times during the year, we contact those people and offer to send something to them to thank them for their support.

This could be a t-shirt, beanie or something more special.

Spread the Inspiration

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