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To us, Hampshire Sheen users are extraordinary people! We hugely appreciate your support in purchasing our products, coming to see us demonstrate and sharing how you use our products on social media.

And we want to give you the best experience of our products and knowledge that we can through providing exclusive online learning and support opportunities available to you 24/7.

After months of thought and work, we have developed the Hampshire Sheen Finishing Academy for users of Hampshire Sheen products around the world.

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30 reviews for Academy Registration

  1. Christopher Arnold (verified owner)

    What a fantastic resource and all free! I found the courses really helpful and full of associated information helped to see what I was doing wrong and how to get the very best out of the products, my finishing is now significantly better especially with the additional pro tips that Martin provides.

  2. Martin Stevens (verified owner)

    The courses were professional portrayed, was excellent in detail, easy to follow and very informative The courses were professional portrayed, excellent in detail, easy to follow. Throughly enjoyed them

  3. Tony Pywell (verified owner)

    This is a great resource to help get the absolute best from the Hampshire Sheen range. Each product is well explained and demonstrated with both videos and text versions.
    Thanks to Martin and the HS team for putting the time and effort into creating this academy.

  4. Ian Nash (verified owner)

    As we know finishing a piece is another skill you need to learn as a wood turner and something I have struggled with for 40 years,especially with finishes that sit on the surface but the information in these brilliant videos has helped me resolve problems that have plagued me for years. This absolutely brilliant Finishing Academy is a must watch for any wood turner . Thanks Martin.

  5. gerard dubois (verified owner)

    After so many viewing of video and being disappointed that my finishes do not come near the expected result , I went through this program “Finishing Academy” and i must say i am impressed with the results. It is so weel explained and laid out that at my first try, I really saw an improvement in my finishing coming to nearly perfection. Martin really went above and beyond to make it so easy to understand that we can only congratulate him for his time and effort

  6. Andy Harris (verified owner)

    I’ve been through all the tutorials and I really wish this had been available when I started turning. The content is exemplary, covering every aspect of finishing. Following all Martin’s detailed instructions will mean an assured quality finish every time.

  7. Ligia Rodrigues (verified owner)

    Fantastic course, full of information and very well put together. The videos and pictures made all the difference for me, as I’m more of a visual learner. Great content to go back to and use as a reference guide when necessary. Thank you.

  8. Paul Huyton (verified owner)

    This is by far the most comprehensive instruction set on finishes and how to use them. The video and written content have been well thought out and Martins easy style makes it a pleasure to watch.
    After completing this course I am sure it will enhance your turnings and bring them to another level.
    This guidance helps differentiates the product from its competitors and will help beginners and experienced turners achieve a high level of finish.
    Thank you Martin on an exceptional result

  9. Brian West (verified owner)

    A few years back I was very fortunate to have a superb day of one to one tuition with Martin. The Finishing Academy is almost like the real thing. The lessons are professionally put together but with Martins gift of explaining , products, techniques and application in a very easy to understand manner. The lessons offer a wealth of information if you want to up your game when it comes to finishing your work. I thoroughly enjoyed course and highly recommend it to both new and experienced turners. Well done Martin, a superb addition to Hampshire Sheen

  10. dewi bowen (verified owner)

    great resource to use. well worth the time to complete. learned new techniques and brushed up on some old. A big well don to Martin for making it for use, u need to check it out you won’t be sorry

  11. Keith Golds (verified owner)

    This is a most excellent course. Every step of the finishing process and the use of Hampshire Sheen products is explained simply but thoroughly. It is well worth the time to watch the videos so as to get the best from the products. My finishing technique has improved since taking the course, thoroughly recomend to everyone.

  12. Brent Beacroft (verified owner)

    This is the most comprehensive finishing course I have come across to-date, well presented both visually and in text form. What stands out is the ability to go back and forth to review each section individually. The products that I have available to me in Canada are excellent and I find easy to use with total satisfactory results. Highly recommended for both the new and experienced turner.

  13. Kevin Purse (verified owner)

    Thanks. Easy to understand and complete. If a question comes up in a quiz its easy to guess the answer hasn’t yet been covered. I managed 100% in all the quizzes.
    By watching the video 1st I found the quizzes easy and learnt a lot along the way.
    I would advise that all the videos are watched 1st before doing any of the quizzes so you can judge what you have retained.
    I reset all of my quizzes and redid them. Glad I retained the info hahaha

  14. Jeannet Vaage (verified owner)

    How to use every Hampshire Sheen products are explained in detail and easy to follow. Time well spent!

  15. Joe Dalgarno (verified owner)

    The course was not only extremely informative and well presented but will now be my go to guide on finishing. Well done Martin and teem this has got to be the best finishing guide I’ve found yet . I’ve been turning for 30 years plus and i would advise anyone new to turning to go through your course and learn finishing that would take years to learn otherwise.

  16. Joanne Lumb (verified owner)

    Brilliant course.
    Would recommend it to everyone.

  17. Alec Herd (verified owner)

    I met Martin at the Harrogate show and had a great demo of his intrinsic colour range. Having bought the intrinsic range I was keen to see this new academy hoping I could improve my skills. I wasn’t disappointed as the improvement in my finishes is instant.
    Thank you Hampshire Sheen, great products and what is shaping up to be a great company.

  18. Colin Roberts (verified owner)

    What can I say but FANTASTIC it was extremely well done and very educational Martin and the team deserve a lot of praise for taking the time to do this for us I look forward to more educational video’s like that in the future

  19. Davyd Childs (verified owner)

    The course is fantastic and well presented nice and easy steps so you can take it all in without being overwhelmed with information. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to use hampshire sheen products.

  20. Douglas Mungham (verified owner)

    Really well presented, a large amount of information that a newbie would be so grateful of for their projects. I would recommend any future turner to take this course as it does what all the other producers do not do , it shows you how, why and when the products should be used in Great detail. I would like to personally thank Martin and his team for all their hard work in producing this course.

  21. Ian Whitehead (verified owner)

    A really useful and well produced course on video clips that hung together well. The course notes were comprehensive and very useful for the Hampshire Sheen range of products. It was encouraging and quizzes at the end of of each session were quirky. Another arrow for the quiver in this woodturning journey.

  22. John Morrell (verified owner)

    Video presentation and clarity are exceptional. Instructional demos will go a long way towards a stout following. Professionally done just like your products.

  23. Brian Anderson (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Hampshire Sheen products for a while now and love them. The Finishing Course was excellent. I learned quite a few things to give me better results with my finishing. It was well presented and easy to understand. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in improving their work.

  24. Peter Woodhead (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Hampshire Sheen products for several years, watched a lot of videos on the products, but these are by far the best (which you would expect) The videos and the written sections are really good, one complements the other and helps to emphasise what is required. The little quiz at the end of each module is a great idea. They makesure you understand before moving on.
    All in all a great piece of kit for both new and the more experienced turner.

  25. Roger Mills (verified owner)

    As with all things Hampshire Sheen, the Academy course has been well put together with the clarity of Martin’s ever friendly style. Have used HS products for a while and the course usefully adds much to the knowledge and reminders of forgotten process points.

  26. Huw Davies (verified owner)

    This course is fantastic and so well thought out.
    Martins way of showing what , why and how to do things is so easy to follow and understand.
    I’m really looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned on this Academy Course.
    Thanks you Martin for putting in a huge amount of time so that we can develop and improve our finishing of our turnings. Cheers, Huw

  27. Harvey Alison (verified owner)

    Good information, well presented. Many thanks for creating this excellent community resource.

  28. steven stringer (verified owner)

    What an absolute gold mine of Information, the videos were just right and had plenty of detail, which has given me a better understanding of the whole finishing process from start to finish.
    Well done to Martin for some very videos.

  29. George Williams (verified owner)

    What a fantastic course! Martin is a great tutor/demonstrator and I found the information that he gave on the application of the various products covered by the course to be extremely helpful and inspirational. Many thanks and I’m looking forward to any additions to the course.

  30. Kevin James (verified owner)

    What a brilliant course. Finishing is very often the let down on pieces so to have this amazing resource to lift my finishing was very welcome. Ive used HS products since i started turning two years ago. I find they do exactly what you need them to if used properly. This course allows one to optimise the use to produce flawless finishes on your items. Bravo Martin.

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