Pen Turners Overcoat Sticks

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A super fine finishing stick hand-made with 100% microcrystalline wax for a brilliant shine with superb protection against fingerprints.

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Wax sticks are made explicitly on a lathe’s small spindle pieces. Their composition guarantees a superb gloss finish when applied correctly—supplied as 31g (1oz) bullion-shaped wax sticks.

Two Minute Tutorial

~ Basic Pen Turners Overcoat Application

  1. Finish your pen using your usual method;
  2. With the lathe running fast, smoothly apply the Pen Turner’s Overcoat Stick with a little pressure from one end of the piece to the other in one motion to ensure even coverage;
  3. Use a safety cloth or paper towel to then buff to a shine.

~ Uses

Use for finishing small to medium-sized spindles and pens to a super-glossy shine. Not suitable for bowls or faceplate work.

~ Colour and Aroma

Pen Turners Overcoat: Pure white wax. No aroma.

~ Container

37g product supplied in a plastic ziplock bag with card backing.

~ Storage

Store in a cool, dry place, ideally between 10° and 30°C (50° and 90°F) Where possible. Protect from extreme heat and freezing. Keep out of direct sunlight.

~ Longevity – Use By

Kept according to instructions, you can expect the product to last many years.

~ Food Contact and Toy Safe?

Unknown – product has not been tested.

SAFETY FIRST! Always read product labels, wear appropriate PPE and take steps to ensure the safety of your workshop environment and the people in it!

~ Product Label Warning

None. There are no potentially dangerous products contained in either product.

~ Product Warning Symbols


~ Liability

As the manufacturer, we cannot know all the uses the product may be used for. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability of use. If in doubt, contact us for advice.


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