Professional Grade Sprays Coming Soon

We’ve long been looking to improve and expand our range of spray products and are pleased to say that we have completed that challenge.

For the last few months, and with a custom paint manufacturer, we have been quietly working out and trying out a range of sprays we are happy to call Professional. Each of the products has been formulated to produce a surface that satisfies what we would call professional requirements for strength and longevity in as few coats as possible.

There are 5 products in the range as in the image at the top of the page where they are shown in their mock-up labels.

  1. Professional Clear Gloss Lacquer
    Superb thick, nicely levelling product. Requires fewer coats for a deep, lush shine. Can be mechanically buffed after a few hours.
  2. Professional Clear Satin Lacquer
    Produces a superb satin finish on most surfaces in just two coats (over sealer) without further work required.
  3. Professional Black Gloss Lacquer
    Like the Clear Gloss, this black requires fewer coats for a fantastic depth of finish.
  4. Professional Black Satin Lacquer
    A silky smooth black surface over sealer can be produced in just a couple of coats. Use without sealer to preserve visible grain.
  5. Professional Matt Sanding Sealer
    An excellent spray-on sealer with plenty of solids providing a super-hard surface for any finish to be applied over the top.

Pricing will be made available shortly.

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