Product Review – Taylor’s Mirfield ‘Alpha’ Pen Kit

I don’t often do product reviews, but when Dan at Taylor’s Mirfield asked me to review his ‘Alpha’ fountain pen, I just had to say yes. Watch the video for a discount code.

sqI’d only turned one other Alpha kit before this one, so the kit was fairly familiar to me, but when looking more closely, and thinking about the review, it really did strike me how brilliantly constructed the kit actually is.

All the components fit together with a very confident push fit, and the cap and end finial have a very sleek feeling thread in them. The bushings fit onto the mandrel with very little play which helps result in a ‘bang-on’ turn straight off without having to rotate the blank on the bushing to get it perfectly round like some other bushings on other pen kits. (The bushings are available separately).

Add to that how smoothly the gold and iridium nibs writes, and you’re onto a winner here.

The kit comes with a standard ink cartridge as well as a piston for those who prefer to refill with bottled ink. The rollerball version comes with a high quality refill cartridge from Beaufort inks – and I can vouch for them too as I use Beaufort inks myself!

This particular pen is the Chrome and Gold version, but there is also a really, really stunning black titanium and rhodium version. See below for my verdict and watch the video review for the discount code.

Taylor’s Mirfield ship their pen kits internationally, so if you’d like to try one out, head over to now and get looking at the Alpha kit and the other unique kits Dan stocks. (Tell him I sent you, too!)

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What I Think – My Verdict

With a carefully chosen wood or acrylic blank, the Alpha Pen Kit will help you create an elegant but modern looking pen for any discerning scribe. In my opinion, one of the smartest and best built pen kits on the market. Nicely boxed, this pen kit makes a very worthy gift.


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