We’ve Started a New Business to Host Our Tuition and Woodturning360

what about my existing booking?

If you have an existing tuition booking at Hampshire Sheen, there is no change for you—everything is fine: The Woodturning School is accepting new bookings only (unless you are one of the two students we are moving across for logistical reasons!). Your lesson will still happen here, your tutor is the same and you will still receive lesson communications from here.

How about my beginner’s Refresher videos?

If you have attended one of our Woodturning Experience Days, Two Day Beginners Courses or Martin’s Bowl Turning Experience Days, later today, you will receive an email detailing how to access the refresher videos on The Woodturning School site.

is anything happening to the finishing academy

The Finishing Academy is staying firmly in place here at Hampshire Sheen! It is a core part of the products we offer. If you are an Academy Member (thank you!), you do not need to worry about anything. Your videos are still here.

I’m a woodturning360 member. What’s happening?

Woodturning360 is moving back to its original website at www.woodturning360.com in the next few months. Please refer to club emails for more details.

what other changes are happening?

Besides Martin and Natalja’s new business, the tuition is virtually the same as it is currently. The Woodturning School has increased the number of courses available for students and is introducing more online learning opportunities, too. That said, Martin and Les have slightly redesigned the Woodturning Experience Day and Two-Day Beginners Course and introduced some fantastic new opportunities for intermediate and advanced turners.

The Woodturning School is also introducing more external tutors to the course roster, too. Check out the website and see. For example, we have Helen Bailey coming in January for two teaching days

what hasn’t changed

Other than the above, Hampshire Sheen is still doing what it does – manufacture and provide super finishing products to our wonderful woodturning customers here in the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada. But we are going to do it better!

By moving the tuition and our Woodturning360 club to the new business sites, this website will reduce in size and focus on serving our customers quickly and efficiently. It will take a couple more months to clear up, but we will get there, and you will benefit from the more focused site.

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