New Two Minute Tutorials Taking Shape

It is about time that our Two Minute Tutorial Series was updated.

Martin has been filming as much as possible to produce brand-new videos demonstrating the recommended basic methods of using our core products over the last few weeks.

With seven videos in the can, here is a sneak preview of how this new content looks and sounds with the video of our popular and best-selling Gloss Finishing Wax.

Keeping the videos short and only including the main points of the application process ensures you can spend as much time turning as possible. Plus, we have included subtitles in Danish, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish to cover the languages of the majority of our overseas customers.

Soon, the videos will automatically scale down when viewed on a mobile device.

More Exclusive Content Coming Soon

On top of this series, in early 2023, Martin will be filming extended versions of each of the videos for a new in-depth series of tutorials exclusively for Hampshire Sheen users.

If you have been using Hampshire Sheen for some time, you will remember the ‘Excellence in Finishing’ courses that were running during the lockdown in 2020, and repeated them in 2021 and 2022. This new project expands on that idea.

More information will be available soon on this exciting project!

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