Members Terms and Conditions

1: Name

The name of the Club shall be ‘Woodturning360’, hereafter referred to as ‘the Club’.
The Club is owned and operated by Hampshire Sheen Ltd (hereafter referred to as ‘the Company)’, Garthowen Garden Centre, Alton Lane, Four Marks, Hampshire. GU34 5AJ, United Kingdom.

2: Aims

  • To bring together woodturners from around the globe into an organised and dynamic online environment;
  • Encourage, inspire and empower woodturners of all abilities;
  • Promote the craft of woodturning;
  • Establish and promote good safety practices among all members;
  • To lead by example;
  • To be a dynamic and positive influence in the wider woodturning community.
  • To listen to, and where appropriate, act upon feedback from the membership.
  • To provide quality interactive remote demonstrations from professional and experienced woodturners.
  • To provide members with discounts from industry suppliers including Hampshire Sheen Ltd and M. Saban-Smith Woodturning.

3: Membership Details

  • Membership is open to all woodturners from the age of 16 years.
  • Professional demonstrations on the first Monday of each month
  • Club meeting on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Experienced meeting moderator;
  • Employed Club management;
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Bonus demonstrations
  • Show and Tell your woodturning work
  • Regular challenges
  • Advice clinic
  • Member demonstrations
  • Invited guests
  • Business Backing
  • Professional leadership
  • Members Pin Badge and Smock Patch*
  • Product discounts**
  • Membership begins as soon as the subscription payment has been completed. Recurring payments are handled by
  • Ending Membership: Membership fees are paid monthly or quarterly and will remain active until the member cancels their subscription through the Club website.
  • Membership will cease automatically should any member fail to keep their subscription up-to-date
  • Upon cancellation, membership of the website and Facebook group will be revoked by admin staff as soon as possible after we receive notification.

4.1: Meetings

Meetings are open to all members and will be held on the first and third Monday of each month using the online services of Zoom and streamed at the same time into the Facebook group. Members are not required to attend either. It is each members responsibility to download, install and familiarise themselves with the use of the Zoom meeting software on their computer, smart phone or tablet device. See HERE for further information.

4.1: Demonstration Meetings

  • On the first Monday of each month, a professional demonstration will be presented by:
    • an outside professional or highly experienced turner. These events will be available exclusively for Woodturning360 members. To join the meeting in Zoom, interested members are required to book their place in advance. See 4.3 for alternative viewing options. Streaming of demonstrations into the Facebook group or recording may not be permitted by an external demonstrator.
    • the club organiser Martin Saban-Smith RPT.
      (These are free to attend for all club members who book a place in advance. Non-members may also book these demonstrations for a fee).
  • Bonus Presentations: Martin will present occasional bonus demonstrations from his workshop directly into the WT360 Facebook group.
  • See the calendar for the current schedule

4.2: General Meetings

  • On the third Monday of each month, members are invited to join a general club meeting to discuss woodturning matters, the previous evening’s demonstration, show their latest projects and ideas. There may also be monthly member challenges or topics of discussion and other engaging activities.
  • The link to the General meeting will be emailed to members 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Entrance to General Meetings will be on a First Come, First Served basis. See 4.3 for alternative joining methods.

4.3: Woodturning360 Facebook Group

All club members are encouraged to engage in the exclusive Woodturning360 Facebook group (a free Facebook account is required to enjoy this group) to share their woodturning projects, seek advice or a critique, share their experiences and enjoy the environment.
If any members miss out on a meeting, it will be streamed into the Facebook group (where external demonstrators give their permission) to ensure everyone has an opportunity to watch.

5: Conduct

  • At all times, members are expected to conduct themselves respectfully towards members of the Club and the wider community.
  • Health & Safety: Images, videos and/or advice showing tool and/or machine use posted to the Club Facebook group and/or website should always demonstrate/promote the use of good practice at all times, including the use of appropriate PPE. Any post contravening this will be removed immediately upon discovery and the member contacted privately to discuss the post.
  • Posts, images and/or videos displaying finished items having used or discussing the use of Fractal Burning (Lichtenberg) or similar Techniques are strictly prohibited on the grounds of health & safety and a number of regretful deaths in recent years. This is in line with the 2017 policies of the Register of Professional Turners, the American Association of Woodturners and the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain
  • Members are encouraged to ask for what they want and play a proactive part in the development of the Club and its program of events.
  • Any offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks, will not be permitted on the Club website, in Zoom meetings nor the associated Facebook group. Anyone behaving in an offensive way or breaking the equal opportunities or Conduct policy may be asked not to attend further meetings or to end their membership if an apology is not given or the behaviour is repeated. The individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the management committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

6: Equal Opportunities

Woodturning360 will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.

Although the Club is tied to a woodturning supplies manufacturer, it will not discriminate against the mention, use or discussion of competing companies or products.

7: Officers & Club Decisions

The Club officers will be members of the Company’s staff until such a time that the Club separates from the business and begins to operate as a stand-alone club in its own right.

Decision Making: In the interest of fairness and democracy, any major decision affecting membership, its fees or changes in the running of the Club will be put to a membership vote in the Facebook group.

8: Finances

The Club is financed primarily by membership fees and the Company. The Company reserves the right to charge appropriate fees to cover administrative costs of running the club, those of external demonstrators and for other items for the benefit to the Club.

The finances of the Club are part of the everyday running costs of the Company and will be accounted for in the annual accounts of the business.

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