Information and Tips on Demonstrations and Meetings

Here is some information we hope you will find useful about our club meetings and demonstrations, where to find recordings in the Facebook group, some limitations we face as a club as well as tips on overcoming connection issues at your end.

Join the Facebook Group

First and foremost, to access recordings of our demonstrations and meetings, you must be a member of our Facebook group. You can join here using your order or subscription number. This is the only place where recordings are stored and permitted to be viewed.

On top of that, if you are not a member of the group, you’re missing out on loads of vibrant content posted by our members every day! Plus, if you are looking for some advice, drop a post in there and one of the members will reply to you.

Finding The Meetings and Recordings

Use the Media Tab

Facebook bundle all photos are videos uploaded to the group in a tab called ‘Media’ where they are stored under two separate tabs: Photos and Videos in upload date order. On a desktop, this ‘Media’ tab can be found at the top of the page, beneath the group banner:

Unlined is the Media section of the group on a desktop computer.

This tab does not appear to be visible on a mobile device. At least, I cannot see it on mine.

Facebook Group ‘Units’

From today (11th November), all WT360 hosted meetings and demonstrations can also be found under the ‘Units’ tab. This is visible on both desktop and mobile devices as below:

Under the Units tab, you can view all the previous recordings.

Notes on Streaming

Our meetings take place in the Zoom environment and streamed into the Facebook group for viewing and archival purposes only. Once the meeting is connected, it is not monitored for comments or questions. Therefore, if members have questions, they need to be joining the Zoom meeting – details are emailed to all active members, and posted in the Facebook group, too.

Occasionally, Zoom and Facebook cannot connect successfully or stay connected. This is beyond our reasonable control and is a Facebook/Zoom problem.


Only with express permission from the demonstrator will an external presentation be streamed into the Facebook. Professional turners have terms and conditions for demonstrating, and if we cannot stream into the group, then it is in all members interests to join the Zoom meeting at the notified time using the links provided.

If permission to stream into the group is granted, there will likely be a requirement to delete the recording after 7 days.

Whilst the Club hosts most demonstrations (so we can stream into the group), occasionally the presenter will insist on hosting the meeting themselves. If this is the case, usually, a time-limited link is provided by them for members to watch the demonstration again. Mostly, these links expire after 7 days.

Streaming and Recording Quality

Most of the time, streaming quality both in Zoom and into the Facebook group is more than acceptable. There are times however, that this may fluctuate due to connection issues from the demonstrator side, bandwidth availability at Zoom and/or Facebook, or connection issues at either end of the stream.

Zoom in particular reduce stream quality when their servers are experiencing higher than normal traffic.

Another note about Zoom – their recordings of meetings (as viewed via a provided link) are generally at a considerably lower quality than when it was streamed Live.

There is very little that can be done to resolve any of these as they are generally a service provider issue. However, there are some things you can do to . . .

Improve Your Connection Speed

If your stream reception is poor, you can try the following:

  • Close all apps on your device that are connecting to the internet;
  • If your device is a long way from a wireless router, see what you can do to move closer or reduce the number of obstacles between it and you (walls may be a problem here);
  • Use a wired connection instead of wireless;
  • Reboot your router;
  • Ask others in your household to stop using the internet (although this may be met with some resistance!);

To Conclude

To get the most out of Woodturning360, it is highly recommended you join the meetings in Zoom wherever possible and only use the recordings in the Facebook group as a fallback if you cannot make the actual meeting, or you want to look back at a past event.

By being part of the actual meeting, gives you the opportunity to meet other club members from around the world and join in face to face with members and demonstrators.

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