How To Use Hampshire Sheen

In this series of 2 minute videos, Hampshire Sheen creator Martin shows how he uses each of the tinned wax products.
(These videos will be updated throughout 2020 with updated content).

1: Turn your piece and then sand it immaculately down to your preferred grit.
2: Apply a single coat of sanding sealer.
3: Cut this back with with a fine Nyweb pad (or, if you really have to, 0000 wire wool).
4: Apply Hampshire Sheen with the lathe at a medium speed and evenly cover the piece, making sure there are no lines running round it.
4a: Subsequent thin coats can be applied with the lathe running faster.
5: Allow the finish to dry a few seconds before lightly buffing to a lustre with the lathe at a medium to fast speed.