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How Are Hampshire Sheen Products Devised?

This is a question we get asked once in a while, and it’s one that deserves its own post.

In the Beginning . . .

To understand how our products are devised, we need to look back nine years to the summer of 2015.

Having been turning for about a year, Martin was becoming increasingly frustrated with the longevity of his finishes and decided to try to do better.

Through much research and experimentation in the corner of the garage at home, he worked out what would eventually turn out to be a winning formula for his first finishing wax which was just called ‘Hampshire Sheen.’

Image showing the original tin of Hampshire Sheen wood finishing wax from 2015
One of the first social media banners from 2015 showed the product in the original tin.

After successfully launching the product in the early autumn of 2015 and Hampshire Sheen becoming a ‘proper’ limited company, requests for a high-gloss version began arriving by the following year. The first product was renamed ‘Original’, and the new gloss product was called ‘High Gloss’ under the new company name of ‘Hampshire Sheen’.

striving to provide better

We have grown to understand our customers’ needs and expectations for their finishing products having faced many of the same questions and problems as we became more experienced.

Martin, as a professional turner has an acute sense of what makes a good finish for turned items and through the development of Hampshire Sheen products, he is driven to formulate professional standard products for the company’s customers and his own turned pieces.

We are Not Scientists!

As we are not scientists, but understanding what a finishing product needs to perform as we want, we utilise people and businesses with greater experience than ours when devising new product ideas. We do this in a couple of ways:

  1. After formulating a new product in-house, we send it to the appropriate company and ask them for their opinion and if they will make it exclusively for us. If they can, and after they have provided samples, we will sign off on them manufacturing the product on our behalf.
  2. We tell them what we are looking for, and they create a range of samples based on our idea. Then, we try them out and make changes where necessary before receiving more samples. We keep going until we are happy with the results and add the product to the range.

By doing this, we avoid ‘missing something’ as the manufacturers we use are excellent at telling us if the product will fall short somewhere.

We also listen (and read on social media) what our customers say and act accordingly if we feel adding such a product would be beneficial.

quality over quantity

As a small business (there are just two of us operating everything here), we produce relatively small batches of our products to ensure the quality and freshness of the products when they are dispatched. It is important to us that everything in a customer order is in perfect condition when it leaves us. This is the same for customers ordering directly or from any of our distribution networks at home, in Europe, the USA, or Canada.


Working out product prices for any business can be tricky. There are so many overheads to account for, and those variables change regularly in today’s economy.

It is important to us to maintain the stance as a company that produces professional standard finishes that are uniquely formulated and to provide them to our customers at a reasonable price that reflects their professional nature whilst still enabling us to develop more products.

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  1. Brian Goddard avatar
    Brian Goddard

    I have been using your products for a number of years and have always found them excellent and great value for money

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