Hampshire Sheen April Fools Joke?

In this documentary style interview video, I guide you through a special half day of my busy life at Hampshire Sheen and The Woodturning Shop.

30th March 2021: I welcome my wife back to The Woodturning Shop after a month off on furlough and photograph a range of three brand new products from Hampshire Sheen – Woodturner’s Skin Care products. Yes, seriously! And, you’ll learn about the hats I wear, the importance of good product photography, and a product demonstration. To see the skin care range at The WoodturningShop, use the link below: https://www.thewoodturningshop.com/category/brands/hampshire-sheen/skin-care/

Although filmed and edited in a ‘The Office’ mockumentary style, the content of what went on that morning was all completely genuine, as was the launch of the skin care products from Hampshire Sheen.

There was an uncertain reaction on social media (which is perfect as it got people wondering) with some understanding the nod to a superbly awkward TV programme whilst others were convinced that the skin care products were a joke.

One comment suggested that launching a product on 1st April was a bad idea. I’m not sure as Google have been launching products on that day since 2004. Certainly if the viewing and website visitor stats are anything to go by, it has brought more awareness for Hampshire Sheen and The Woodturning Shop.

So, not too bad of an idea after all, I think.

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