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As part of our customer service to our network of retailers, twice a year, we offer free demonstrations for their mailing list members. At the moment, Martin has teamed up with Les Thorne for a joint demo of tooling by Les and Hampshire Sheen use by Martin.

Ask your favorite Hampshire Sheen retailer to organise one for their customers. They really are free to attend!

On the evening of 14th June, Hampshire Sheen developer Martin Saban-Smith teamed up the one and only Les Thorne to present a free demonstration for mailing list members of their business, The Woodturning Shop. This short video is a selection of highlights from the second part of their presentation.

Over 180 viewers tuned in to Zoom to watch the the two professional turners 2 hours free presentation. Les turned an ornamental Ziricote bud vase after which Martin finished it in three different ways using a combination of Hampshire Sheen products – Pre-Thinned Cellulose Sanding Sealer, Microcrysalline Wax, Gloss Finishing Wax and a Carnacrystalline Stick.

The end result is a super shiny piece that will shine on for years without needing to be refinished, even after lots of handling.

In the second half, Les turned an ogee shaped platter that was finishing on the top with a viewer’s choice of Intrinsic Colours – Pear Green and Plum. Martin demonstrated how, with careful blending, even two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel can be made to work together. This was then sealed and a coat of our Electric Blue Embellishing Wax was added to the grain.

Many thanks to Les Thorne for the turning aspect of the demonstration and to the viewers for all their questions.

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