Woodturning360 FAQs

Who Can Join?

Woodturning360 welcomes turners from all countries and abilities over the age of 16 years.

Members do not have to use Hampshire Sheen products to remain members, they just need to enjoy turning and wish to be part of this special club of like-minded people from around the world.

How Much Does it Cost and What is Included?

From November 2023, membership of Woodturning360 costs £7.00 per month plus a £5.00 joining fee and includes:
Professional demonstrations on the first Monday of each month and a general discussion meeting on the third Monday of each month. Times and dates are subject to occasional change owing to the host’s and demonstrators availability,

Members also enjoy other benefits including permanent discounts on Hampshire Sheen products and services.

How do I Join?

Click HERE to join today. Purchase the membership like you would a normal product. Payments are taken on your choice of either monthly or quarterly automatic subscriptions until you cancel.

When are the Meetings, and what happens?

WT360 meets twice each month in the online meeting environment ‘Zoom’ – on the first and third Monday. There may be occasional variation owing to demonstrator or host availability.

Demonstration Meetings

Demonstration meetings are on the first Monday of each month and co-hosted by either a professional or highly respected turner from around the world. Timings below are UK time
7pm: ‘Doors Open’
7.20pm: Moderators House Keeping and Introductions
7.30pm: Hand Over to Demonstrator
8.45pm (approx): Short break
10pm (approx): Finish
FREE For Members: WT360 Members have free access to all demonstrations included in their monthly fee and will be emailed meeting entry information 24 hours before the demonstration begins.
Public Access: Demonstrations by Club Founder Martin Saban-Smith are included free for members but may also be booked for a fee by the public.
The Club Calendar has details of all the upcoming demonstrations.

Discussion Meetings

ur general meetings are on the third Monday of each month. Meetings start at 7.30pm (UK) time. Members will be emailed the joining link for Zoom the day before the meeting.
Being online, the meetings will need to be choreographed a bit more than ‘in-person’ meetings. Here’s how each meeting will run. These are guideline times only and are noted in UK time:
7.15pm: ‘Doors Open’
7.30pm: Meeting starts with club notices
7.45pm: Demonstration Discussion
8.15pm: Member Challenges
8.45pm: Advice Clinic, general discussion
9.15pm: Show and Tell
9.30pm: Close
Breakout Rooms
To give members more opportunities to discuss things in smaller groups, away from the main meeting, we will be using Zoom’s Breakout Rooms to maximise member benefits.
Simultaneous Facebook Group Stream
Our Tuesday meetings are streamed into our members only Facebook Group to view only.

Member Challenges

Every couple of months, members are set a challenge. Sometimes this will be along a seasonal theme, or inspired by one of our remote demonstrations or it could just be a random idea.
Some challenges will be specific in the task, others will be more cryptic and open to interpretation.
Challenges are not competitions – they are they there to stretch the turning legs, the imagination and hopefully develop the skills of the members.
Members can submit their pieces to the club each month by uploading up to 3 photos and a description directly to the site using a link they will be sent each month. Their submissions will be added to the site with their name, description and photos.

Getting Involved

Members are encouraged to join our exclusive Facebook group for regular posts by the Club members and to receive notices, watch and re-view club meetings. They can also let us know they would like to be involved in a future meeting. How?
Member Spotlight: Leave a post with this topic if you would like to have 15 minutes to yourself to talk to the group about your turning. This will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A session for you.
Advice Clinic: Post here if you would like advice on something in particular. Again this will be a 15 minute spot for you to talk about your problem, followed by suggestions from the group to problem-solve it for you.
Show & Tell: Show off your latest piece to the group, or something you have turned in the past! Post with this topic and we’ll do our best to include you in the next meeting – we’ll let you know beforehand, of course.

Is WT360 a Traditional Club or a Business Concern?

Woodturning360 is a club that is owned and operated by Hampshire Sheen Ltd.
In operation, the club runs in a virtually identical way to a ‘traditional’ club with member activities and facilities – but with the support of a business behind it and proactive, professional leadership.

Club founder Martin Saban-Smith RPT is keen to ensure that the club works for the benefit of the members and listens closely to what they want and will ensure that everything that can be achieved will be achieved wherever possible.

The members of the WT360 Team are paid members of Hampshire Sheen staff.

Member Discounts

For US members, The Walnut Log in Missouri will be offering monthly discounts at their website www.thewalnutlog.com

Woodslee Summercraft in Ontario, Canada provide discount codes for our Canadian members.

Visit Sand Tredreieutstyr in Norway for club discounts there.
We will be approaching other retailers in the UK and overseas to see if they would be interested in supporting our members.
Discounts currently start after the start of the second month of membership and are subject to each businesses terms and conditions.
The discount offered each month is at the supporting businesses discretion.

What is the Fee Structure?

Membership renewals are paid on the First day of the month, either monthly or quarterly – this is a choice you can make when joining.
If you join part way through the month, your first month will be charged at a prorated amount from the day you join till the end of that month. After this time, you will be charged the normal amount on the First day of the next month.
You can change from Monthly to Quarterly, or vice versa from you account dashboard.

Meeting Hosts and Moderation

Each meeting will have a Host from WT360 to coordinate the meeting. This will usually be Martin Saban-Smith, but occasionally he will have other commitments to attend to, so a stand-in will be used.
Given the sometimes chaotic nature of Zoom meetings with lots of people wanting to speak at the same time and ask the demonstrator questions, meetings may also employ a Moderator to ‘keep the peace’ and give each member wanting to engage in the meeting an opportunity to speak.
Whoever hosts and/or moderates the meetings will have experience in doing the job as it can be quite hectic at times. By using an experienced person, members can be assured of the smoothest running demonstration or meeting possible.
For more information joining meetings and the ‘Zoom’ environment,

I’m a Member But Can’t Access Member’s Content

If you are a member but cannot access member-only content, then there is a chance that your membership has not yet been renewed for the current month (see below).
To check, view your Subscription page in your member dashboard by clicking here: www.hampshiresheen.com/my-account/subscriptions/ and checking to see if you have a pending payment.

If you see that you have a pending payment, click on the Pay button to renew your membership and complete the check-our procedure as usual.
Why Did This Happen?
There is a chance that your payment for the current month wasn’t successful (there are various reasons for this) and the website paused your membership whilst we wait for the renewal to complete.
What Happens if I Don’t Renew?
If your renewal is not received as scheduled, the website prevents members-only content being shown to you, including the links to our monthly meetings.
The site will try to renew your membership for you for a few days and let us, and you know by email if it is having problems.
After approximately 10 days, the website will automatically cancel your membership and send you a message reflecting this.
We will also be notified by the site, after which you will be removed from the Facebook group if you are a member there, too.
How Can I Prevent This Happening Again?
Keep an eye on your emails – This site will notify you of any problems with your membership payment. Take action by logging in to your account and making the payment manually.

What is ‘Zoom’ How Do I Get It, and How Do I Use It?

Zoom is a popular online meeting environment where large groups of people can coming together for meetings, hangouts and in our case, Woodturning demonstrations and club meetings.
It is completely free to join a meeting, and you don’t even have to download the free software.
Read our guide on Zoom HERE.
Our guide has information on where to get Zoom, what it does and importantly, how to use it effectively in Woodturning360 and other meetings.

How do I Cancel My Membership?

Oh no! You have decided to leave Woodturning360? Sorry to see you go.
Cancelling your membership is simple. All you need to do is head to Your Account and the Subscriptions part of your dashboard and click the cancel button.
After you hit the button, your automatic renewal payments will stop and your membership will come to an end at the end of your billing cycle. This date is detailed as the Next Payment Date.
After this date, your membership of WT360 and member benefits will cease.

You are, of course able to rejoin if you wish to. We’d love to see you back!

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