Why Doesn’t My Gloss Wax Buff to a Shine?

There are various answers to this question;

  • The most common problem is cause by poor sealing – the wax does not have a good surface to be applied to.
  • Too much pressure when buffing will remove the wax rather than shine it up.
  • It also depends on how much wax you are using on each coat. If you use too much, it won’t buff easily. Following the instructions in the Two Minute Tutorial or the Finishing Academy is the way to see the recommended application medhods.
  • Open grain woods like oak or ash appear not to buff up as well as close grain woods as the more open parts of the grain cannot be covered with a finishing product unless a grain filler is used.
  • Exotic and/or oily woods sometime struggle accept finishes as the resins and oils can react to the finishes.
  • Spalted woods (such as beech) are also troublesome to seal and finish with a gloss finish, particularly if the spalting is heavy.