Transfer Tape Method 2

As usual, decide which stencil you would like to use. For this example, we want to use just the white (positive mask) part of this stencil.

It will be difficult to remove by itself because of the fine lines in the design. Time to use transfer tape.

For this method, we will remove the negative part of the stencil from around the part we want to use. It may be possible to reposition this piece on a piece of backing paper for use later. This will depending on how fine the lines in the design are.

Now the negative stencil has been removed, we are left with a very fine design that will be very difficult to remove and place on our work piece.

As in the previous tape method described, cut a piece of transfer tape (or reuse a piece) press it down onto the vinyl and carefully peel it off the backing paper.

Make sure none of the fine lines are left behind.

Press the tape firmly down onto the work piece and peel the transfer paper back to leave the vinyl stencil behind.

Once the tape is removed, the stencil (mask) is ready for its colour, or the application of more masks.

When the colour has been added, remove it as previously described.

Remember too, that not all our stencils can be reused.