My Embellishing Wax Has Shrunk

When opening a tin of our Embellishing Waxes, you may find that the product appears to have ‘shrunk’ in the container. This occurs as the solvent starts to evaporate. A cold environment can also cause this to happen.

The tin in the photos was produced in May 2021 and has shrunk before it was returned to us to test. (This FAQ was added on 26th January 2023)

To check the product, Martin poked it with his finger (you could use the round end of a pencil). As it was still soft (as it should be), the product was applied to the ash bowl as shown in the product Two Minute Tutorial (HERE).

The end result is a finish that we would expect from the product as if it was freshly made.

We use a far greater wax-to-solvent ratio than other manufacturers, so the product in the tin may appear different from what you might expect. If you are concerned about any of our waxes, we recommend you test them first.