How do the Quizzes Work?

Most lessons in the Academy have a multiple choice answer quiz attached to checking your knowledge and to have a bit of fun along the way. They are completely optional, though you will need to pass them all in order to complete the Academy and be presented with your certificate.

Taking a Quiz

  • At the bottom of the lesson is a blue ‘Take Quiz’ button.
  • Click this button for a short quiz about the lesson.
  • After answering a question, click the blue ‘Next’ button for the next question.
  • After answering the last question, click the blue ‘Continue’ button 
  • Your grade will be presented to you.
  • A pass mark of 75% is required to complete the lesson. An overall pass mark of 75% is required to pass the Academy.

Passing a Quiz

If you pass a quiz, use the lesson menu to the right of the grade to move on to a new lesson. Your grade will be recorded towards your overall Academy mark.

Failing a Quiz

If you fail a quiz, you can retake it by clicking the ‘Restart Quiz’ link in the grade box. You can also continue to another lesson but must return to incomplete quizzes to finish the Academy.