Can I Rejuvenate a Dry Tin of Wax?

If you have not used your tin for a while (see the ‘How Long Will My Tin Last FAQ), you may find the tin seems to have dried out. If this is the case, most of the time it is only the top few millimeters and the product beneath is fine to use. However, if you use the dry product, the finish will be just as good.

Our sincere recommendation is not to try to rejuvenate a dry tin. For a successful rejuvenation, you will need to know the correct type and amount of solvent that has evaporated and add it to melted wax. Too much and you will trash the product, too little and it will still be dry.

Plus, solvents and heat do not mix. There is a serious risk of fire if you attempt to rejuvenate a dry tin. Therefore, we do not recommend it under any circumstances.