Environmental Policy

Doing our bit for the environment is important, and we feel you’d like to see what we are doing:

  • All Hampshire Sheen product packaging and labeling is recycleable;
  • All our packing boxes contain between 60% and 90% recycled paper/cardboard;
  • We use use 100% recyclable packaging and void fill;
  • As often as possible we reuse plastic void fill products such as bubble wrap sent to us by our suppliers;
  • Other packing plastics received from our suppliers is baled with that of the Garden Centre where we are based and sent for recycling and processing;
  • Every packing box from our suppliers are always reused or recycled;
  • Over 98% of ‘waste’ produced or received by Hampshire Sheen Ltd is recycled or reused.
  • Where possible, we source all our materials from UK manufacturers;
  • Where we buy and sell natural products such as decorative sands and sea urchins, we ensure the supplier uses sustainable, responsible and where possible, licensed sources.