(REPLAY) Elegant Ring Box, Colouring and Advanced Wax Finishing

Welcome to the recording of the Live stream from 21st March 2020. The demo starts roughly 35 minutes from the start of the stream The video is unedited and the description is taken directly from YouTube.

For this demo, we look at turning an elegant Ring Box suitable for a lady or gent using Bubinga and sycamore. And then in the second half, I’ll talk you through my colouring process from start to finish and explain my philosophy of colouring wood. We’ll also take a look at an advanced wax finishing technique to blow your socks off!

The live stream will start at 10am (UK time) with the demo starting at 10.30. We’ll take a break for a Q&A after the ring box and stop again after the colouring for another Q&A. Please note that whilst I am concentrating on turning the project, I may miss questions and queries, so please hold off these until I ask for questions – that way I will be able to answer as many as possible.

Whilst the demo is completely free to watch, please consider using the Super Chat feature to contribute to the costs of the evening. Thank you.

To find you nearest Hampshire Sheen supplier, please visit www.hampshiresheen.com/buy.

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