Woodturning Beginners Refresher

Here, exclusively for those who have attended our Woodturning Experience Day or Two Day Beginners course, is a series of refresher videos demonstrating the tool techniques learned when you visited us for your course.

11th March: If you have already been on an Experience Day or Two Day Beginners Course, please check your emails for an invitation to gain access to the video series.

spindle turning.

Production turner Les Thorne presents the spindle turning part of this refresher.
In this section, Les reminds you of the basic cuts in spindle turning: The V-Cut, Bead and Cove. This section also includes a reminder of the tools used – The Spindle Roughing Gouge, Spindle Gouge and Parting Tool.
Plus! See a demonstration of a super practice piece not learned on the course.

Martin Saban-Smith RPT at the lathe

Bowl turning.

Martin Saban-Smith is primarily a bowl and ‘face plate’ work turner, and he presents the refresher videos on Bowl Turning.
You will primarily be reminded of the use of the Bowl Gouge, but you will also see how the Parting Tool and Skew Chisel can be used for different parts of the bowl.
The videos include the balancing of the blank, cutting the recess, shaping and hollowing of your bowl.


No finishing instructions are included in these refreshers as they are covered in our excellent (and free!) Hampshire Sheen Finishing Academy. However, we have included a longer video from the Academy on sanding your work.

Health & Safety

In this short lesson, learn the basics of health and safety when using a woodturning lathe. You must complete this lesson before moving on.


Health and Safety

Spindle Turning

Refresh your memory on the basics of Spindle Turning with Les Thorne. Includes a special practice piece.


Spindle Roughing Gouge Spindle Turning: The V-Cut Spindle Turning: The Bead Spindle Turning: The Cove Spindle Turning: Practice Piece

Two Day Course Only

In this lesson (for those who attended our Two Day Course), go back over the technique learned for hollowing end grain which is particularly useful when turning boxes.


Spindle Turning: End Grain Hollowing

Bowl Turning

Sanding Your Work

Take a look at this video from the Hampshire Sheen Finishing Academy for the low-down on sanding your work.


Refresher: A Guide to Sanding your Work Using Abrasives
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