Certified to Ship Hampshire Sheen Overseas!

Done it! Today I completed the training to be able to ship Hampshire Sheen overseas legally! If you do not live in the UK and wish to order Hampshire Sheen, read this to find out why I need this certification.

Shipping goods overseas is generally quite easy, except when your product is classed as ‘Dangerous’ according to the United Nations, and that is what Hampshire Sheen is – classed as dangerous as it contains a solvent.

In order to be able to responsibly ship Hampshire Sheen products outside of the UK, I have had to do some training to get the certification required by shipping companies to prove I am competent to pack, label and ship the products within the regulations in order for them to transport your order from my door to yours. It has taken months to sort it out, but today, I received the paperwork to say I can do it! Hoorah!

Why is Hampshire Sheen ‘Dangerous’?

Because Hampshire Sheen contains a flammable solvent (like most other paste waxes), it must be shipped with the correct labeling, packing materials and paperwork. Shipping in the UK has been sorted for a long time now, but the international side of things has proved to be very difficult. It has a classification number of UN1263, a specific packing group and with that, specific packing instructions before it will be permitted for shipping by carriers. It is not accepted for transport by normal postal services.

What About Intrinsic Colours?

The Intrinsic Colours are also classified as a dangerous product as they are a dye/stain/paint related material. They too, fall under UN1263 and have the similar packing requirements as the tinned range of Hampshire Sheen products, although they are not flammable.


Shipping dangerous goods is a costly business because standard mail services cannot be used. Only specific companies will allow the carriage of dangerous goods, which is why I currently use FedEx for UK shipping. It is likely I will use them for international shipping too, but I am looking around for a more cost effective company to keep the costs down for you, the customer. Also, specific methods of packaging must be used when shipping dangerous goods – particularly liquids. These packing methods cost more than standard packaging which also pushes the cost up.


In conclusion then, I have taken the necessary steps to ship my products to all my customers, near and far so their orders will get to where they need to get to safely, legally and responsibly. This certification should hopefully go a long way to getting Hampshire Sheen and the Intrinsic Colours further around the world!


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