The Carpentry Store and Hampshire Sheen

Hello and Welcome!

You have found this page as you have been invited by The Carpentry Store to a completely free remote Hampshire Sheen demonstration presented by Martin Saban-Smith, the developer and manufacturer of the products.

To see the Hampshire Sheen range at The Carpentry Store, click here:

Learn Directly From the Guy Who Developed It!

During the demonstration, Martin will clearly show you the recommended application techniques of some of the core products in the Hampshire Sheen range, and inspire you to get Fanatical About Finishing!

By the time the presentation is finished, you will have learned Martin’s philosophy on finishing, his top tips on using abrasives, successfully applying the Intrinsic Colour Collection, Pre-Thinned Sanding Sealer, Gloss Finishing Wax and using the embellishing waxes correctly. It will be a busy couple of hours for sure.

Please have a note book handy. Due to server storage space, this presentation will not be recorded.

Using HD cameras, a crystal clear microphone and Martin’s usual energetic passion for woodturning, you will enjoy an engaging, visually rich and informative professional demonstration.

The Hampshire Sheen demonstrations are presented using popular and easy to use Zoom software and services. It is completely free for you and your members to watch, too.

Remote Demo Technical Stuff!

If you have used, and are familiar with the Zoom environment and how it works, you do not need to read any further. Thanks.

What you Need

  • Zoom Software: For the best experience, we encourage you to download the free Zoom software. Click HERE to visit the Zoom website. When there, click the ‘Sign-Up, It’s Free‘ button and follow the instructions.
    Mobile Devices:
    Android: Download Free from Google Play
    Apple: Download Free from the App Store
  • Internet Connection: A reliable internet or mobile connection;
  • Connection Device: Any up to date computer or mobile device can be used to watch demonstrations;
  • Webcam: If you want to, you can use your webcam so if you ask a question, we can see who we’re talking to!
  • Audio Device: Speakers connected to the connection device (unless they are built-in) so your members can listen;
  • Microphone: If you want to ask a question, a microphone is needed. Or, you can just ask a question in the chat panel of the Zoom window.

Before the Presentation

  • Make sure you are familiar with how Zoom works. See below.
  • 24 hours before the presentation, you will be emailed a special link to join the demonstration meeting by the Hampshire Sheen sales shop co-hosting the demonstration for you. Keep this link private and do not share it on social media or with other people.
  • The virtual doors will open 15 minutes before the start time. Click the link provided to enter the waiting room. You will be let in shortly after you arrive. Please arrive on time.
  • Space is limited to up to 500 people.

During the Presentation

Remote demonstrations are a superb way to engage with turners from around the world from the comfort of your own home. As there can be many people watching there is some points of etiquette to follow:

  • Keep your microphone muted unless invited to unmute it by the demonstrator or the moderator to ask a question.
  • Webcams are great, but please turn it off if you are eating!
  • Please keep typed ‘chat’ on-topic. Demonstrators and moderators can miss questions if there is too much chat scrolling up the panel. It can also be distracting for people watching on mobile devices where the chat panel is not always on-screen.
  • If your connection drops out, click the link again to enter the waiting room. The demonstrator or moderator will let you back in as soon as possible.

Connecting to, and Using Zoom

After you have installed Zoom and entered the meeting room using the link provided, your screen will likely look like this. Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the features available for you. Please note this screen may look different on different platforms or if you launch the meeting from a browser window (instead of installing the software) and not all features may be available. Click HERE for Zoom’s support pages

The Zoom Window on a PC

1 – Audio and Video: Use these controls to switch your webcam and microphone on and off. It will likely work 100% as soon as you join the meeting. Please leave the audio on ‘Mute’ unless you wish to say something after raising your hand (see below)
2 – Participants, Chat and Reactions: Click the Participants button to toggle the panel (4) on and off. Click on the Chat button to view or hide the chat panel.
3 – Speaker/Gallery View: At the top of the screen, in the bar, you will see a view of the participants and their webcam view if they have it switched on. To the top right of that, click the Gallery View button to see everyones webcams on one screen. Great fun! Just to the right of that is a square Full Screen button if you want to watch the demonstration in full screen mode.
4 – Participant Panel: Toggle this panel on and off at #2. It shows a list of everyone in the meeting. At the bottom of this panel, there are some controls:
Raise Hand: Click this button to notify the me and the moderator that you have a question. Your name will go to the top of the panel with a hand icon next to your name. When your question is answered, click it again to lower your hand.
Yes/No: To answer a question – not really needed.
More: Under the More button, there are a few, self explanatory features. Have a play!
5 – Chat Panel: Toggle this panel on and off at #2. Use this panel to chat with other participants in the meeting or ask a question. As chat can move quite quickly, it is better to ask a question by raising your hand so it is clear to the demonstrator and the Moderator.

Please note we are unable to offer support on the installation of Zoom so please use their comprehensive Support Pages.