Affiliate Application

Please find below the application for the Hampshire Sheen Affiliate Program. Please complete the information in all boxes and then hit the Send button at the bottom. After completion, your club account will be set up on this website, where login and account details will be sent to the person detailed in the form.

If you have any queries before completing this form, please drop me a line HERE or call the workshop on 01420 560077.

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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    1. This non-exclusive program is open to all woodturning clubs and organisations in the United Kingdom.
    2. Acceptance to the affiliate scheme will depend on the completion of the sign-up questionnaire after following the link provided.
    3. After application and acceptance into the scheme, your club will receive, free of charge, One each of the following Hampshire Sheen manufactured products: Finishing Waxes: High Gloss, Original Lustre and Microcrystalline Wax; Embellishing Waxes: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, White, Electric Blue, Green and Purple; Sticks: Carnacrystalline and Pen Turner’s Overcoat; Intrinsic Colours: 250ml bottles of Black, Burnt Orange, Earth, Flame, Forest Green, Honey, Midnight Blue, Plum, Ruby, Sky Blue, Pear Green, White. A shipping charge will be made for the carriage of your items £9.00.
    4. Up to FIVE training places will be available each month. It is up to you to communicate your availability to Hampshire Sheen to book the earliest and/or most convenient date for your club representative to attend.
    5. These terms and conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions of this website, and that of the Hampshire Sheen trade website , including the privacy policy of Hampshire Sheen Ltd.
    6. By becoming a member of the Affiliate Program, you give permission for Hampshire Sheen to email the Affiliate Representative with occasional messages pertinent to the Affiliate Program, the Hampshire Sheen company, its products, special offers or other information that may be of interest to your club committee and/or membership.
  2. Training
    1. A representative from your club ideally should attend a bookable training day hosted by Martin Saban-Smith RPT, which will include a tour of the Hampshire Sheen HQ if practical for your club to send a member. You do not have to send a member, but some training will benefit everyone.
    2. The training will ensure your representative will be a proficient user of the products and be able to coach other club members upon their return. It is therefore advisable that a competent member be sent for the training rather than a new turner.
  3. Product Usage
    1. Products supplied to the club under the affiliate program are strictly for use by the club and are not to be sold or loaned to club members, guests or associates. Use by the club includes, but is not restricted to, workshop events, training, demonstrations, exhibitions, competitions and experimentation.
    2. Replacement stock, and stock for your club shop can be ordered from the website using the club account login details provided when their membership was created.
    3. Health and safety procedures should be exercised appropriately.
    4. Affiliate membership to Hampshire Sheen in no way restricts the club’s use of other products available.
  4. Fair Use Policy
    1. Depending on frequency of use, it is expected that the Hampshire Sheen manufactured products will not need replenishment for 9-12 months from first use.
    2. Should a member club expect to exceed the fair use policy, they must advise Hampshire Sheen at the earliest convenience.
  5. Hampshire Sheen Stickers, Digital and Printed Media
    1. Upon enrollment, the club will be provided with official Affiliated Club stickers which will be sent with the product package. These should be displayed on lathes, tool boxes or somewhere else where they will be seen by your membership. The club will also be provided with Hampshire Sheen stickers for distribution to your membership and guests.
    2. Printed leaflets detailing the product range will also be provided.
    3. A digital version of the Affiliate Club sticker will also be provided. This must be placed prominently on your website. This image should be turned into a link back to Your club webmaster will be able to facilitate this.
  6. Availability and Termination of Program or Membership
    1. Affiliated clubs can terminate their membership at any time but must return their products (at their cost) if leaving the programme within one year of enrollment.
    2. Any member club found to be taking advantage of the fair use policy without advising Hampshire Sheen Ltd will be excluded from the program and must return their initial stock to Hampshire Sheen at their expense.
    3. Hampshire Sheen Ltd reserves the right to limit or increase the number of club enrollments per month dependent on current stock levels and demand for membership.
    4. Hampshire Sheen Ltd further reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate program at any time without reason. In this instance, all products in the possession of member clubs may be kept without prejudice.
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