About Hampshire Sheen

Martin back in 2015 when Hampshire Sheen was first developed.

Welcome to Hampshire Sheen, where passion and expertise intersect to bring you exceptional wood finishing products. Our journey began with a simple desire: to help woodworkers like you achieve stunning, professional-grade results with ease.

At Hampshire Sheen, we believe that every woodworking project deserves the finest finishing touches. That’s why we meticulously develop and refine our range of premium wood finishes, catering to the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. Our founder, Martin Saban-Smith, an accomplished woodturner and artist, pours his passion and expertise into each and every product with an unwavering commitment to quality.

But our dedication doesn’t end with exceptional products. We believe in sharing knowledge and building a community of passionate woodworkers. That’s why we offer insightful tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you master the art of wood finishing. Explore our resources, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and unlock your full creative potential.

Join the Hampshire Sheen family today and discover the transformative power of our wood finishes. Experience the joy of working with products that surpass expectations, enhance your craft, and breathe life into your woodworking projects. Together, let’s elevate woodworking to new levels of excellence.

Martin Saban-Smith RPT

Martin is a well known professional woodturner with internationally known and respected social media channels with around 200 turning and business oriented videos on YouTube.

He lives in the village of Four Marks in Hampshire with his family, a stones throw from his businesses at the back of the popular garden centre his grandparents started in 1953.

When time (and energy permits), Martin enjoys being outdoors. Sometimes walking, other times cycling, but mostly to escape!

Got a query? Drop Martin a line and he will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Demonstrating at Maker’s Central

Martin has been demonstrating since 2015 and has enjoyed growing popularity with clubs up and down the country. He demonstrates regularly at the major UK shows and some of the country’s biggest stores.

His easy manner, witty and relaxed presentation style make his demonstrations both enjoyable and informative.

His presentations are ‘Infotainment’. To Martin, the element of performance is equally important to the quality of the content. His passion for woodturning is evident as he enthuses over the projects he turns for his audiences.

Popular on the UK demonstration and show circuit, Martin’s presentations are full of energy and enthusiasm for his work, inspiring others to take their own turning to the next level.

Employing the best in modern technology, Martin now brings remote demonstrations to a new level for professional UK woodturners. The tech includes multiple camera angles, remote microphone, and over a hundred custom images to ensure an unmatched presentation.

Find out more about Martin’s demonstrations HERE . . .


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The Woodturning Shop teaching room during reorganisation

Martin’s ‘old’ workshop is being transformed into the teaching room for his joint business venture with Les Thorne – The Woodturning Shop.
It is equipped with 6 full size lathes, a complete extraction system, including air filter, sets of tools for all lathes as well as a host of other useful creative tools for students.

His welcoming, friendly and informal approach to woodturning is popular with newcomers and experienced turners alike. Martin’s enthusiasm is contagious leaving students and visitors feeling energised and inspired to push their turning to the next level.

A keen teacher of woodturning and creative skills, Martin teamed up with Les Thorne in 2020 to offer group and individual turning courses from the Hampshire Sheen workshop in Hampshire . Click here to find out more about the woodturning classes available.

Social Media Woodturning

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Martin’s streaming workshop studio

Martin is a well known professional woodturner with an active social media presence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. His engaging content is internationally known and respected with around 200 turning and business oriented videos on his YouTube channel.

Martin’s own turning is more artistic rather than practical. The making process of many of his pieces can be found on his YouTube channel.

You can keep up with goings-on via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube using these links:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/msabansmith
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/msabansmithwoodturning
Instagram: www.instagram.com/msabansmith

Join Martin Live on one of his social media broadcasts. You will receive the links and information you need 24 hours before the presentation.Shortcode

Hampshire Sheen

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In 2015, Martin began developing the popular Hampshire Sheen range of finishes then went on to being blending the atmospheric Intrinsic Colour Collection of wood dyes.

The products are now widely available in the UK, as well as being exported to many countries around the world . . . and all from a comparatively small facility in Hampshire! Find out more about Hampshire Sheen HERE.

Woodturners Funnel Club

We’ve all been there when we’ve cut through the bottom of a bowl on the lathe making us turn a funnel instead of a bowl

Colloquially, we’ve joined the unofficial club known to some as The Funnel Club!

Martin has created a range of merchandise for those proud to have completed this accidental right-of-passage for woodturners.

See the range of fun products for the club and more, visit www.woodturnersfunnelclub.com


In June 2020, Martin founded a woodturning club called Woodturning360 which meets online twice a month.

Members enjoy a professional demonstration each month as well as an informal meeting where all things woodturning are discussed and enjoyed.

With members from around the world, many influences can be experienced, as well as new friends made.

Visit the Woodturning360 website for joining information.

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