Internal and External Curves

Take care when applying stencils to curved surfaces as they can cause creases and wrinkles in the stencil. Internal curves can be problematic with large stencils creasing and wrinkling during application. It is best to use smaller designs on internal curves, particularly if the the curves are tight. Like the internal curves, External curves can […]

Where to Buy The Stencils

United Kingdom The Woodturning Shop – United States Wood World of Texas – Denmark Traedrejerbutikken – Norway Tredreieutstyr –

What is ‘Transfer Tape’

Transfer tape is a method of picking up a stencil from its backing paper and applying it to the work surface. It is normally used for transferring complex designs with intricate details (such as fine lines) safely from backing paper to the work.

‘Weeding’ Multi-Part Stencils

Generally, in our level 2 and 3 stencil packs, some of the designs are in multiple parts, ie you need to apply the one stencil in two or more separate pieces to the work to complete the design. This is where a ‘weeding’ tool comes in very helpful. Illustration of a Multi-Part Stencil To the […]

What is ‘Weeding’ and The Tools Needed?

What is Weeding? Weeding is the process of removing individual elements of a stencil design that are not joined together. For example, removing the middle of the letter ‘O’ or ‘d’. Weeding Tools Weeding tools can be anything small and thin enough to carefully and accurately lift small or delicate parts of a vinyl stencil […]

Surface Preparation (Wood)

1: Sand your piece perfectly down to (we recommend) 600 grit ensuring you remove all tool and sanding marks. Check between each grit to prevent having to go back up the grits if you find a mark when you think you’ve finished. When you’re done, remove the dust with a paper towel so you have […]

Medium Application Ideas

Airbrush and Compressor: Airbrushes are the most common application method for stencils, although not absolutely necessary. An airbrush and compressor set will open up a whole new world of creative possibilities if you don’t already have one and an entry level set-up can be purchased relatively inexpensively from many vendors. A compressor with a 5ltr […]

One Stencil: Positive and Negative Images

Each stencil in the pack can make a Positive and Negative image, depending on which part of it you are using. This can get quite confusing, so we’ll keep it simple! The Stencil on the Sheet Each stencil comes looking similar to this Tree symbol from our Kanji set. The green square is the Negative […]