Negative Stencil: Remove/Reuse

When the colour is dry, peel off the stencil. If you wish to use it again, take care not to stretch or rip it. Not all of our stencils can be reused. The packaging of each set indicates if they can be reused or not. Generally, the more intricate the stencil, the less chance there […]

Negative Stencil: Spraying/Applying Colour

Load your applicator (in this case, an airbrush) with the colour for the stencil and do a test spray onto the masked area to clear the nozzle and check spray intensity and width. See the section on ‘Medium Application Ideas’ for suggestions on other ways to use your stencils Lightly spray around the stencil mask […]

Negative Stencil: Application

As you’ve read above, each stencil has two parts, a Positive part (the ‘mask’) and a Negative part (the stencil). For this section, we’ll look at using the Negative part of the stencil. It is likely that you will mostly use the Negative parts of the stencils to begin with in order to create solid, […]