Writing Words with Negative Stencils and Transfer Tape

Writing words is an advanced technique and requires one of our lettering stencil packs, a sharp craft knife a weeding tool, vinyl backing paper or stiff plastic, masking tape, precision cutting and a bit of patience! Take a look at your font reference sheet and you will see that each letter (the same as the […]

Transfer Tape Method 2

As usual, decide which stencil you would like to use. For this example, we want to use just the white (positive mask) part of this stencil. It will be difficult to remove by itself because of the fine lines in the design. Time to use transfer tape. For this method, we will remove the negative […]

Transfer Tape Method 1

Choose the stencil you wish to use from the reference sheet. As you can see from this one, from our Flourishes set, there are some fine lines in the stencil so it is best to use transfer tape to ensure the stencil is applied safely to our work surface. Cut a piece of the supplied […]