19 Top Tips For Looking After Your Workshop Whilst in Isolation

We’re currently living in uncertain times as people enter self isolation. As wood turners and woodworkers, many of us have a workshop at our property, meaning we can still visit the workshop and make stuff. In this video, I give you my top 19 tips on what you can do in the workshop should you need something else to do, or you face another day of boredom.

Social Distancing doesn’t apply to the internet, so use the internet to meet new people from all over the world, find inspiration and disrupt the boredom. Facebook groups great for this. I belong to plenty, by my preferred group is Grit and Sheen at https://www.facebook.com/groups/gritandsheen/ All turners are very welcome to join the group. Just head on over and request to join!

I’ve put together a schedule of my own Live demonstrations here on YouTube (and Facebook) until the end of May that you can enjoy mainly on Tuesday evenings and every other Saturday. You can find the schedule here: www.msabansmith.com/corona-schedule/ You can also find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/msabansmith and Instagram at www.instagram.com/msabansmith

Other woodturners are putting on Live demonstrations to help people who may be alone, have had events cancelled or may just need something to do, watch or engage with. Here are two that I know of. Please check with them directly for any schedules they may have. Wayne Clasper: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77Gdc7anv5oyKft_UaPtrg
Steve Twydell: https://www.youtube.com/user/stevo15771

Tip 1: Rearrange Your Workshop

Tip 2: Clean and protect machine beds

Tip 3: Clean up work benches and tidy shelves

Tip 4: Reorganise you tool rack or build a new one

Tip 5: Spruce up your tools with a clean, or perhaps and sanding and colouring

Tip 6: Sharpen your Tools ready for Next Use and practice sharpening techniques

Tip 7: Clean Up your Chucks and Jaws

Tip 8: Organise Your Wood Store into categories

Tip 9: Check your air filter element and replace if dirty

Tip 10: Check the filters on your respirator and face shield and replace if necessary

Tip 11: Clean your windows and lights for improved workshop illumination

Tip 12: Give your workshop drawers a thorough spring clean

Tip 13: Give your lathe some loving! Clean up spills (particularly colours, oils and sealers)

Tip 14: Sweep the floor when the dust has settled

Tip 15: When you’re done, sit down with a good woodturning book

Tip 16: Support your favorite woodworking supplier – they are still open and many offer online ordering.

Tip 17: Use the Internet to find inspiration

Tip 18: Join Facebook groups to meet new turners and woodworkers from around the world.

Tip 19: Find good woodturners on YouTube, including those doing live shows. You’ll be able to see a variety of techniques, talents and inspiration.

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