It’s hard to believe that just over 4 years ago, Hampshire Sheen was being made in the corner of my garage in a saucepan and being poured into simple aluminium pots. Now though, the company is run from a 40×10′ ‘Global Headquarters’.

Somewhere down the line between late summer 2015 and now, the Hampshire Sheen product range grew, along with the company. I’m not entirely certain how it has happened, but happened it has . . . and it is largely down to you, the woodturners around the world who have embraced the products and love using them!

Until recently, I was measuring, pouring, labeling and shipping all of the products myself. In April 2019 it got a bit more busy so a young man called Phil Boulter joined the company to ease the labeling and bottle filling duties from me.

Until today in 2019, I’d poured ten thousand pots of Hampshire Sheen finishing waxes. That’s a ten with three zeros after it! Fantastic figures for such a small figure.

In this video, let me thank you in person for your custom and show you how the products are made.

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