Creator Martin Saban-Smith answers some of the most common questions he gets asked about Hampshire Sheen.

Is Hampshire Sheen really blended by hand?

Yes! it really is. In the UK, each batch of Hampshire Sheen of each style of the product is measured by hand, blended by hand and poured by hand in the ‘Hampshire Sheen Global Headquarters’ (a 20×10′ shed).
It is also made by hand in the USA, Canada and Australia under license.

The content of my tin is very stiff. Is that right?

No problem – Hampshire Sheen is very different to paste waxes you may have used before. Hampshire Sheen has been designed to produce a hard wearing finish that is superior to other paste waxes. In order to do this, we have removed the beeswax content of the Original, High Gloss and Ti-Wax versions of Hampshire Sheen and cranked up the carnauba wax content which results in a very stiff paste wax. This video shows you what to expect with your Hampshire Sheen pot.

How much do I need to use?

You only need apply enough to coat the wood in a single coat which is less that you probably think.

It is best to apply multiple thin coats and ensure and even coverage rather than one thick one. Check the ‘How To’ videos for more detail.

What is the best way to apply Hampshire Sheen?

There are various methods to apply each of the products. The play list from our YouTube channel takes you through the recommended way to apply each of the variations.

How long will it last?

As you need to use less than you normal paste wax, it will last longer than you think. It is best used within 12 months of purchase to ensure the best results possible. My own tins are perfectly good 18 months after making them.

 It’s flaky when I apply it.

Yes, that’s fine. There is a very large proportion of carnauba wax in the mixture and some does come off the paper towel when you apply it. It’s not a problem.

I’ve done something to it (heated it to soften it, added solvent to thin it, or something else) and I think I’ve ruined it?

Uh oh. The best thing to do is not do anything to your tin once you receive it. Heating it to soften it will dry it out quickly; Adding solvent will make it thinner, yes, but will also be detrimental to the quality of the finish….in other words, leave it alone! Even a dry pot of Hampshire Sheen will apply perfectly well.

Is Hampshire Sheen foodsafe?

None of the Hampshire Sheen tinned products have been certified as foodsafe. All product packaging, this website,  and our social media presence all state that it is for use on decorative items only. The only product that is certified foodsafe is the Food and Toy Safe Danish Oil which meets EN71 standards.

And now colours? Why are you doing colours now?

Hampshire Sheen developer Martin is known for his artistic colouring and techniques, so it made sense for him to develop a range of new ‘colours’ in shades that he prefers and share them with his followers. Whilst officially a ‘Hampshire Sheen’ product, the Intrinsic Colour Collection are branded under Martin’s own name.

Why did you bring out a Beeswax finish when you say Hampshire Sheen doesn’t contain beeswax?

As a company, (well, one person, actually), I listen to what my customers talk about and ask for. A lot of people enjoy a wax finish on their woodturnings, so I developed one so they can enjoy the benefits of Hampshire Sheen and support a UK based independent producer. It’s very good, by the way!  Sadly, this product has been discontinued – I was asked for it, and few people purchased it!