Hampshire Sheen Stockists

Here are the current suppliers of Hampshire Sheen products. Click on the image or the links provided to visit the supplier’s shop. If you fancy joining the family, click here to send your details and I’ll be in touch. Please check with your supplier as to which products from the Hampshire Sheen range they are stocking.

United Kingdom


Kent: Oliver’s Woodturning: www.oliverswoodturning.co.uk

Kent: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Sittingbourne: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/sittingbourne/

Essex: The Hardwood Offcut Shop: www.hardwoodoffcuts.co.uk/

Hampshire: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Basingstoke: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/basingstoke

Buckinghamshire: Axminster Tools and Machinery, High Wycombe: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/high-wycombe/

South West

Somerset: Yandles: www.yandles.co.uk

Cornwall: West Country Machinery 4 Wood: www.machinery4wood.co.uk/

Devon: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Axminster: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/axminster/

Midlands and North

Worcestershire: Wigley DIY www.wigleydiy.co.uk

South Yorkshire: Turners Retreat: www.turners-retreat.co.uk

West Yorkshire: Taylors Mirfield: www.taylorsmirfield.co.uk

Lancashire: Ulnes Walton Crafts: www.spaltedvase.co.uk

Warwickshire: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Nuneaton: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/nuneaton/

Cheshire: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Warrington: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/warrington/

Tyne & Wear: Axminster Tools and Machinery, North Shields: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/north-shields/


Aberdeenshire: Celtic Woodturning Supplies: www.celticwoodturningsupplies.com



Cardiff: Axminster Tools and Machinery, Cardiff: www.axminster.co.uk/stores/cardiff/

Northern Ireland

Country Antrim: The Wood Shed: www.wood-shed.com

County Tyrone: B. McNamee & Co: www.facebook.com/bmcnameestrabane/

Hampshire Sheen Overseas:


County Dublin: The Carpentry Store: www.thecarpentrystore.com

The Netherlands

Ronald Kanne: www.dehoutdraaierij.nl


Matthias Bachofen: Atelier del Legno: www.atelierdellegno.ch

United States

Missouri: The Walnut Log: www.thewalnutlog.com


Ontario: Woodslee Summercraft: www.woodsleesummercraft.ca


Queensland: Perfect Pens and Pencils: www.perfectpensandpencils.com.au